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From the Georgetown University mission statement: “An academic community dedicated to creating and communicating knowledge,...

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Community Engagement

We developed numerous partnerships over the past 4 years; some included in the original proposal based on cooperative agreeme...

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Our Mission

Aging is a process shared by all people, and healthy aging allows for individuals to gain the most from life and to provide the most to the world. The mission of the Center for Healthy Aging is to nurture research, education, clinical care and policy on aging-related topics from cells to society.  The work of the Center encompasses a broad community across disciplines who are committed to discovery about aging in basic, clinical, population, social and behavioral sciences, and in policy and health systems. The Center works to create an inclusive community to use knowledge about aging to promote equity in health across the life course, to prevent and treat age-related illness, and to support caregivers, clinicians and communities in care of the growing older population. The Center supports the mission of the University through contributions to existing programs and the development of new initiatives.

Director’s Welcome

Moshe Levi Headshot

On behalf of my colleagues, welcome to the Center for Healthy Aging. 

It is an honor to be the Director of a leading edge center and lead a team of talented investigators to further the research of aging, preventing age-associated complications, and interventions towards achieving healthy aging.

Our center is focused on bringing investigators together to test and bring to the clinic a multidimensional approach to aging. 

As Director, I am excited to continue facilitating collaborations and joining efforts with scientists from Georgetown University and from around the world so that we may carry on with our extensive research. Together, we will strive towards the growth of all aspects of healthy aging research and translational applications. 

Moshe Levi, MD

Funding Opportunities

Studies of Cytosolic DNAs in the Interactions of Aging Hallmarks (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) – RFA-AG-23-015

The accumulation of DNA in the cytosol (the fluid portion of a cell’s cytoplasm) has important associations with aging, cellular senescence, and decline of cellular and physiological functions. The goal of this FOA is to explore cytosolic DNAs as integrators of hallmark interactions and instigators of downstream events leading to age-related cellular and tissue deterioration. Deadline October 11, 2022.…

Inter-Organelle Communication as a Platform to Interrogate the Interactions of Hallmarks of Aging (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) – RFA-AG-23-012

Contact sites where the membranes of cell organelles come together are critical hubs for the transfer of ions, metabolites, lipids, and proteins that have important roles in cellular aging. This FOA aims to deepen our mechanistic understanding of organelle communication and how it shapes the interactions of the hallmarks of aging. Deadline October 11, 2022.…